About us

The Company:  ARTIDORO since 1992

The watch-making family business of the brand owned Artidoro was founded at the end of the 19th century. The great passion for cases, dials and mechanisms turned into a company business over time.The knowledge acquired since the 90s in the vintage watch industry has allowed us to mature experience and awareness in the relevant complexities and enhance particular technology as well as discover the artisan decorative techniques and offer unique watches.

After years of research and development, today we are able to combine artisan techniques with modern technologies and produce elegant handcrafted pieces installed in the most famous wristwatches in the world in a completely original way, such as the Rolex.

Our goal is to create a unique piece for those who request exceptional work.

Artidoro works independently from the major watch brands and offers its clients a range of luxury watches customized according to a specific design or any from our collection range.


Artidoro is the “watch that identifies you”: we create limited edition collections of stunning and desirable timepieces.

We are proud to be the first company to:

- customize a range of limited edition Rolex sports watches by introducing actual mechanical modifications on the watch movement or in its appearance, which can change the actual watch functionality (MechMod collection).
The MechMod limited edition collection is the result of our creativity and watch making ability, which is really innovative in the watch customization world.

- customize a number of limited edition Rolex watches with handcrafted champlevé enameled dials of the exclusively designed in-house highest quality (Enamel collection)The antique enameling art and remarkable past watch making examples have inspired our enamel limited edition collection and the exclusive in-house dial design.

Artidoro applies a 2-year full warranty on all custom watches sold, as from the delivery date.