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The Art of Time.


The world of watchmaking has always devoted itself to the search of beauty and perfection, exclusivity and excellence; the dials decorated with enamel pictures are a perfect example of the historical integration between technical mechanics and rare handcraft skills. Today, Nino Ascari from Art of Time, after years of research and development has managed to combine the ancient craft of champleve' enameling technique with the latest technology, to produce refined iridescent creations on the wristwatch dials. The production will be extremely limited due to both the complexity of the process and the necessary handcraft work to emphasize the concept of exclusivity. The enamel dials, truly artistic achievements, will replace the original dial, which will still be supplied together with customized watch, so that one can completely reconstruct it in its original version. Herein photographed are some enamel productions, installed on Rolex watches, which are a free reinterpretation of the the rare historical dials of this manufacture. The champlevè enamel dial is obtained starting from a 18-carat gold disc, properly worked, on which, by removing material, the desired fantasy image is achieved. Only the thin stretch of contour drawing will remain visible; indeed, the alveoli will be gradually filled with various glaze colors that will undergo several processes of cooking, up to its melting point and, once cooled, it will be properly polished. The technique is complex, and the task is time-consuming and laborsome.
The result, however, will be extraordinary and of great quality. The overlap of the various layers of enamel will, in fact, give depth to the colors and a three-dimensional effect to the image, creating the magical charm that has always distinguished this type of dials. Themes and different subjects can be realized on enamel dials, just by properly sizing the images with passion and creativity; of course, also on customer's request. Only a downside, arm yourself with holy patience, the time needed for the realization won't be short. However, patience will be rewarded with a spectacular result that will leave you open-mouthed.